Table of Contents




Part I: Why, What, Who and How

Chapter 1: Good Regulation: What It Takes

Chapter 2: The Regulation of Legal Services

Part II: England and Wales: An Earthquake

Chapter 3: A Great Big Mess

Chapter 4: The Seismic Shift (with Survivors)

Chapter 5: Aftershocks on their Way?

Chapter 6: Assessment

Part III: Australia: Divided Yet United

Chapter 7: It’s Easy to Forget that Australia Was First

Chapter 8: In this Corner: Queensland et. al.

Chapter 9: And in this Corner: New South Wales and Victoria

Chapter 10: A Complex Regulatory Environment…Where ILPs Are Just Part of the Landscape

Chapter 11: Assessment

Part IV: Canada: “Mere” Evolution or Stealth Revolution?

Chapter 12: Nova Scotia: The Road is Made by Walking

Chapter 13: Manitoba (and the Other Prairie Provinces): An Intimate Connection

Chapter 14: British Columbia: ABS? Who Said ABS?

Chapter 15: Ontario: A False Start but on its Way

Chapter 16: Canadian Bar Association: Creating the Future

Chapter 17: The Continuing Path of Revolution

Chapter 18: Assessment

Part V: United States: Practice of Law as “Personal Right”

Chapter 19: There Was a Time Before Model Rule 5.4

Chapter 20: Indestructible Model Rule 5.4

Chapter 21: The Two Commissions: Different of the Same?

Chapter 22: The Outliers: Washington DC, Colorado and Illinois

Chapter 23: Effect of Model Rule 5.4 and the Current Regulatory Framework

Chapter 24: Assessment

Part VI: What’s Next?

Chapter 25: Final Assessment

Chapter 26: How to Modernize a Regulatory Environment

Chapter 27: Rules for a Flat World (or Regulatory Dystopia)

Appendix: The Modern (or Modernizing) Regulator: First-Hand Insight




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